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Are you a parent that wants to be involved and come out and toss a ball around once in a while?
A parent that would like to help once in a while if the Head coach or Assistant Coach isn’t available.
Did you know that to be a door opener or assist on the floor with a game or practice in any way you must have your level 1 NCCP Certificate.
Port Alberni will be hosting 1 Clinic
March.30th 9:00-4:00
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Vancouver Island Minor Lacrosse Commission Rule Changes in Tyke and Novice Divisions for 2019 Season

The members of the Vancouver Island Minor Lacrosse Commission voted in some changes that affect the Tyke and Novice divisions on Vancouver Island. The first motion was “Vancouver Island will play 3 vs 3 in Tyke. The second motion was “There will be no tiering in Novice; all teams will be equally balanced.” The third motion was to “Remove contact from Novice and replace it with Place and Push”. These motions were made and discussed with full representation from all ten associations and executive members. All three motions were passed with an overwhelming majority vote.

Below is the rationale for the decision as written by Bryan Baxter.

Changing the Game
The Vancouver Island Minor Lacrosse Commission recently made some changes regarding the way your children will receive lacrosse instruction and the structure of play that associations will adopt.
These changes were felt necessary for several reasons.
First and foremost, the changes were made to align the instruction and structure of play with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model which has been around for a number of years. In a nutshell, LTAD is a framework for systematically training and developing the physical, mental and emotional capacities in athletes according to scientifically recognized principles and stages of human development. It is based on clearly defined developmental stages and provides recommendations for ratios of training-to-competition hours, points of emphasis in skills training, formats for competition and more. It allows athletes the flexibility to move between competitive and recreational arenas of their sport at almost any time of life. Following proper athlete development in the early stages of training, and depending on talent, athletes can choose to pursue elite competition or join a recreational stream for fun, health and wellness.
The concern for the VIMLC is the second and third stages of LTAD, the FUNdamental Stage (6-10 year olds) and the Learning to Train Stage (8 – 12 year olds). This includes both male and female athletes.
The emphasis in these stages is all about development. Children need to learn the basics of the ABC’S (Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed) coupled with the development of the skills necessary to play the game of lacrosse. (Scoop, cradle, pass and catch) These skills are better learned when practised more often and children get way more opportunities to touch a ball playing on a smaller surface with less participants. The old adage that practise makes perfect is multiplied when children play in these environments. That is the main reason for having your Tyke aged children playing half

floor and 3 vs 3 rather than the traditional 5 vs 5 on a full floor. Most sports today have adopted the idea of smaller surfaces and fewer athletes for these reasons.
Lacrosse in general across the country has seen declining numbers as athletes (and parents) opt for less physical contact for their young athletes. Hockey no longer allows hitting until the athletes are in the category of Bantam Rep. The basic intent behind the no hitting in Novice is so we can retain the athletes that come into lacrosse and not lose them for the fear of getting hurt. In addition to the no hitting rule, by eliminating tiering at this age group, it allows all athletes to play to learn the sport skills that will allow them to compete at a higher level later on. It should also take the focus off the result, and place it on the process. It is still possible to choose a team that wishes to compete in tournaments that will allow for more structured competition.
Novice is the place in our sport where we are losing the greatest number of athletes and from all indications, hitting and getting hurt were the main reasons cited for leaving. When children are developing, there are massive differences in the physical, mental and emotional development among athletes. It is important that we take the truly competitive nature of the game out at this level and replace it with a system that stresses development. We are getting so competitive, so early that we have even had a Novice coach call for a goalie pad measurement. The child was devastated and almost inconsolable. Let’s let our kids have fun as they learn Canada’s National Summer Sport by placing less emphasis on winning and more on the skills (both athletic and sport specific) necessary to play.


Coach Application deadline is approaching.

AVMLA needs all coaching applications in by Jan.31st 2019.

The Season will be starting soon and we need to get Coaches and planning in place.

We have great numbers so far and would love to get the coaches out with thier 2019 players.

We are always looking for volunteer’s for Referee and Coach positions.
We are also looking for anyone interested in our Head Coach Position.

Coach applications can be found on our Main page under documents or by stopping by the Alberni fieldhouse Thursdays from 6:00-7:00 pm.

If your interested please email the following contact for more information

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2018 AGM Results

Posted by Alberni Valley Minor Lacrosse Association at Oct 23, 2018 7:36PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

AVMLA wants to thank those that came out to our AGM.

Congratulations to Heather Newton on winning the 2019 Lacrosse Registration.

Executive members are:

President- Stephanie Hopkins
1st Vice- Lindsay Hodgson
2nd Vice- Tyler Boyer
Secretary- Brenda Gauthier
Treasurer- Heather Newton
Registrar- Carrie Johannessen
Head Referee- Tyler Boyer
Floor Allocator- Larry Ransom
Booster/Publicity Coordinator- Tali Campbell
Tournament Coordinator- Lindsay Hodgson
Schools & Community- Brenda Gauthier
Webmaster- Carrie Johannessen
Fundraising Coordinator- Tallyn Wittal
Head Coach- Vacant
Equipment Manager- Shelley Hodgson

The Alberni Valley Minor Lacrosse Association is holding their Annual General Meeting on
Monday, October.22nd, 2018 7:00 PM
Location: Upstairs at the Multiplex located at 3737 Roger St.
Enter to WIN 1 free 2019 Lacrosse registration for those in attendance.
All parents are encouraged to come out and have a vote.
You will have the opportunity to volunteer for one of the many vacancies with the Association that are available.

Elected Positions:
President (1year term)
1st Vice President (2 year term)
2nd Vice President (2 year term)
Registrar (2 year term)

Appointed Positions:
Head Coach
Head Referee
Equipment Manager
Floor Allocator
Tournament Coordinator
Sponsorship Coordinator
Booster Coordinator
Publicity Coordinator
School & Community Programs Coordinator
Website Coordinator

Please consider volunteering with our Association. Nominations can be made by sending an email to Nominations will also be accepted at the AGM. If a person that is nominated cannot attend the AGM, but wants to run for a position they must state so in writing
Our first executive meeting will be immediately to follow after our AGM.